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Publishing Process

Master Press makes it easy for you to publish your book! All you have to do is write it, carefully edit and submit it, and we will do the rest. We use digital and on-demand publishing to design and print your book. In less than 60 days your book will be ready for distribution in bookstores and on the Internet.

You will need to follow these three simple steps:

  • Choose your book cover
  • Accept our Author's Agreement
  • Submit your manuscript

Ready to get started?

#1 Choose your Cover

We offer three (3) categories of book covers for you to choose from:

  • Basic Cover
    A basic cover is included in the price of a standard package.
  • Deluxe Cover
    A deluxe cover may be purchased for an additional $75.00.
  • Custom Cover
    Custom covers are designed from scratch with the author's full participation and are not printed until the author is in full agreement. Custom covers may be purchased for an additional $275.00. (Read more about what is included with a custom book cover).

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